Client Testimonials

From : Scott Brodie

Email :
To : Tarun - Erco Travels
Year : Travelled India December, 2011
Subject : Recent holiday

Hi Tarun,

Arrived home on Saturday after a GREAT tour in India. Thank you for your hard work and fine planning. The guides and drivers were all wonderful. I would especially like to commend our driver Sunil from Delhi to Jaipur, and our guides in Delhi and Agra, they were top notch. We had a great time, learned a ton and felt safe and extremely well taken care of the whole time. Your professionalism was much appreciated. If you need any recommendations, I would be please to furnish same.

All the best,

From : Alan Rainton

Email :
To : Anurag - Erco Travels
Sent : 25/11/2010 5:05 PM
Subject : Recent holiday

Hello Anurag,

We have waited a few days to allow our recent experiences in India to settle in our minds, but we still think we should say, out loud ..


We have all come home slightly bewildered by the sights, sounds and experiences of "real" India which we think you played such a great part in the planning. Your help and patience in the planning (I have found an email from you dated in February 2010, a full 10 months before the actual holiday) over such a long time was essential to its success. Another huge plus was the second driver, Ramesh, who was very helpful to us during the long 7 day drive from Bangalore to Goa. At no time did we feel uneasy with his driving, he was "in tune" with us, slowing down for photo's, explaining some aspects of the surroundings and showing us markets etc. An excellent result for us.

Most of the guides were quite good but we were very impressed with the guides in Delhi and Varanasi. The guide in Hampi was very good .

It remains to repeat that we were as a party extremely satisfied with the overall outcome ...

Alan & Sharon Rainton
Phil & Sue Allison

Ps. Sharon has already intimated that she would like to return to a different part of India and complete the holiday with some walking in the lower Himalayas ... before we get TOO OLD!!

Would you be happy, or should I ask be willing, to help us with another trip in the future?

Dear mister Gusain,

back in Holland we want to thank you for all your efforts, making our journey through India a wonderful success. We were impressed by the beauty of your country and we have many special memories, reminding of a very special time. The organisation of our journey was very accurate. And we were very content with our driver mr Kamraj Kapoor. He is a very reliable and nice man. For 2005 we do not have the opportunity for a longer period, but we want to plan another Indiatravel for 2006. So, you will definetely hear from us again.

C. Veer
09 August 2005

Dear Ravi Ji,

Namaskar, also to your family and the ERCO staff Today is my first day at the office. Thanks a lot for all your efforts in our tour. It was a succesfull tour, the hole family enjoyed.

Best regards,
01 August 2005

Dear Ravi,

Thank you for everything, it has been a very beautiful trip and I will tell to my friends and people here that I got, more than enough than local travel agency here in Spain. I give your contact and mail so that they will also get good service and cheap price, I hope it doesn't bother him. Give a very strong greeting to the best driver that is Mr Rambaboo and to their excellent assistant Kelas, without them this trip had not been the same, many thank you for everything and don't doubt, that we will return to the India, and trusting your agency to travel to the south of this magnificent country.

Best regards
22 August 2005

My dear Jaswant, Hi !

It's a real pleasure for me to send you this mail. First to thank you for your kindness and devoutness. We got a very nice trip. My wife Dominique, and my friend Florence ask me to send you their greetings and their thanks. We liked India too much. It's a pity for the guide as I told you at the airport. You have a very good travel agency, serious and organised. Surely I will come back to India with others friends and I will need your help. I hope we will keep in touch. Present all my best wishes to your group.

Odilon Ngan
28 July 2005